Healing Is Still Happening

Since the dawn of time, all humanity, from the Pope to the pauper, has been plagued with a sickness deep within its heart that no amount of medicine or scientific breakthroughs can address. This sickness of the soul cannot be solved by wealth, power, success, and even the best relationships are only soothing for a short time. This sickness is sin. It cannot be out-worked, out-run, or ignored out-right. Sin is the ultimate sickness as it decays the human heart and effects not only our present but our eternity. The goal of your enemy is to shame you into hiding this sickness of soul, as if you are the only one suffering from its overwhelming effect, but there is hope for you.

Jesus is the healer of our sin-sick soul.

He is the Great Surgeon who, if allowed, skillfully cuts away the guilt, shame, darkness, and lies that have so thoroughly corroded the human heart. The Creator knows how to fix His creation. Even now at this very moment He is offering His healing for your heart. Healing is still happening and its available to you. This Sunday, come pray with us, and find rest for your weary soul.


New Life Podcast


Jordan Boyce spoke about how healing is still available in the church. Check it out on the podcast.

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