Winning The War For Your Mind

We’re caught in the midst of a war. A battle between Good and Bad, between God and the Enemy. And here’s the reality: the battlefield is your mind. There’s good news though – we rest in the fact that God is on our side, and we’re on the winning team.

The Enemy’s favorite tactic? Accusation. He uses stubborn attempts to discredit God with whispers and distractions in your mind. Our natural response is to outrun our accusations, to avoid them by distracting ourselves from reality. We turn to TV, social media, drugs, food, success, relationships. But the battle for our mind is not won of our own accord, and you could never outrun yourself.

Here’s the solution: at the end of yourself, you find your Savior. The truth is that only the One who made you, can help you.

Jesus calls you forth and protects you from the very thing that is causing the accusations: sin. And it becomes evident that the very thing that torments you will drive you towards your deliverer. When you come to Jesus, He will never condemn you, even when you condemn yourself.

Leave your life of sin, follow Jesus, and He will fight the battle for you.