When the Church Rises, The City is Blessed

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since Awakening Conference. It was a historical moment for our region. It wasn’t something I could have ever thought up; it was truly a God dream. We have been reading so many stories about what God did, and the lives impacted by this movement [keep them coming]! It has been truly miraculous. In this time of darkness surrounding our nation I thought it would be right to share a few of the stories that exemplify what happens when the Church rises up in unity and blesses a city…

  • We learned that it’s unheard of that a 3-day event with 6,000 people did not bring about any incidents that required police assistance. We defied all odds! The Sergeant was blown away by the Conference. 3 days with 5,000+ people/teenagers each day, and no incidents. In fact, he said he never even heard a swear word. He has to answer to his Captain, and so naturally, his Captain was also blown away. For some concerts they can have up to 30 incidents per night, but despite thousands of attendees throughout 3 days not one incident report was filed.
  • We heard of an off-duty police officer who followed someone who stormed out of the conference angry, and the officer invited him to come back into the event. This person told the officer that he was a Latin Kings member, but the policeman told him that he was welcome here. This man was blown away at what the policeman said, came back into the event, got saved, stayed all 3 days. When he was leaving on the final day they bumped into each other somehow, and the gang member asked the officer if he could call him, told him he needed to go home and get rid of some things, and couldn’t thank the officer enough for letting him stay.
  • Another gang member who attended the conference became overwhelmed in one of the sessions and started leaving in a hurry. One of our security team members stopped him and the man proceeded to tell him that he had done some terrible things in his life. The young man came back the following day and with tearful eyes, thanked our security team member for taking the time to share his testimony and told him, “I accepted HIM today.”
  • A police officer was on duty and decided to take a brief break to step inside to hear John Gray. He said he was amazed by John and impacted by his short time hearing him. In fact we heard of several police officers who ended up attending the conference and even visited our campuses for service on Sunday because of the Awakening Conference.
  • It wasn’t just the police but the hospital too. A nurse heard there was a huge gathering and waited all night for people to start rolling in. She said usually when that amount of people get together there are many people with injuries that come to the emergency room. She said she was shocked because there was not even one all weekend! Praise God!

One of the leaders in our church sent me this: “My mom is a police officer and the police department was my second home. A few of the officers knew I am a part of Awakening because of my mom. They told her a couple of days after conference that Awakening Conference was the best thing to ever happen in the City of Providence.” Before conference began we adamantly prayed that that Gods presence would be felt throughout the whole city, and that His protection would be over the entire conference- He ensured both! Thank you to everyone who showed a city what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ.

God still loves our nation and He is still moving. These amazing stories are glimpses of hope that look like a revival, sound like a revival, feel like a revival… just maybe we are beginning to experience a revival. May Awakening continue to permeate our country. We pray protection over our cities, the residents, and officers – all colors, all races, and all backgrounds. May the prayer of His people, heal His land.

God Bless,
Jordan Boyce

If you haven’t sent in your story yet, click here: http://awakeningconference.com/mystory. We would love what God has done.

The voice of a father to a hurting nation. Watch this message and share it with someone who needs to hear it. We’re praying it helps bring healing.