Types of Testimonies

Our testimony is our most powerful message to the world. When we stand up and share what God has done in us- others are impacted. Whatever your story is, know it is a gift from God to your sphere of influence, that they may see Jesus’ work in your life. Below are some common types of testimonies-  you may have a similar story.

Salvation: You were dead to your tresspasses and sins, but Jesus came to forgive you and bring you to life.

Healing: You were in the hospital, diseased, or sick. Maybe you’ve been healed from mental anguish, abuse, words spoken over you, emotional abuse.

Pivotal Point: A specific moment where you had a “Prodigal Son” awakening and came back to the Father- rededicating your life.

Trials: It was difficult to keep the faith and learn humility. Circumstances were hard. Even when others questioned God- you remained faithful.

Blessings: He’s blessed your finances. He’s blessed you with a home. Maybe He’s blessed you and your spouse with a child, or your business with growth.

God’s Faithfulness: Even when you screwed up, He was faithful. He came through.

When you begin to share your testimony, it will share others will similar stories free.

Here’s the challenge: Write your story down, and set it free. Out into the wild where it will set others free, that they may find their own story. Sharing your story is simple! To get started, check out the next blog – How To: Share Your Story

How To: Share Your Story