To Show Jesus To The World

You’re created by God to show Jesus to the people around you. God didn’t call you to live an unprovoked life. He wants you to be provoked by the Holy Spirit to bring change, to bring Jesus, to others.

Jason was one such person in scripture who was provoked. He gave shelter to Paul, Silas, and Timothy when they were in Greece. While Paul preached and reasoned with the scholars, Jason kept them safe from harm.

However, the Jews became furious and began to riot. They attempted to drag Paul and Silas from Jason’s house but they were not there. Instead, they dragged Jason to the marketplace and began to accuse him of turning the world upside down with the Gospel.

What an accusation, what a compliment! May we all be people accused of turning the world upside down for Jesus. When God calls us to turn the world upside down, we ourselves change, our coworkers change, our city changes and the world changes. After all, it is God Himself who not only gave us breath, but everything else and this includes our calling in the body of Christ:

“Rather, He (God), gives everyone life and breath and everything else” Acts 17:25

You have nothing to fear. The God who created you has also empowered you to show Jesus to the world. You are equipped with the Holy Spirit and the very breath of God to turn the world around you upside down. This week, look and pray for opportunities for God to use you like he used Jason. When we are intentional about others, God uses us mightily.