Sharing Your Faith

Each day we’re surrounded by people who are looking for more out of life. They’re going about their days questioning what life is all about and what their role in the world is.

Many have heard of God but they have misconceptions as to who He is. That’s where we, as Christians, come in. There is always a need for us to talk to people about Jesus, who He is and what He’s done in our lives.

It’s easy to be intimidated when it comes to talking with others about God. Often times we fear what they’ll think or maybe we feel insecure about our ‘Bible knowledge’. We have to be bold and move past those things in order to spread the message of hope contained in the Gospel.

When reaching out to unbelievers, keep these 3 things in mind:

1. God has already placed eternity in their hearts.

From the very start of your life, God sets in your heart something that tells you that there’s more than just what’s seen. It’s the call of Eternity.

In order to get people to open up to God’s truths and principles we can’t speak to their intellect, we have to speak to their hearts. You never have to convince anyone logically to give their life to God. Tell them about the hope you now have, the freedom you experienced, the joy deep down in your soul and they will feel the tug of the eternal.

“When introducing people to God, don’t speak to their minds—speak to their hearts.”

2. You don’t have to ‘get them saved’.

When your eyes are opened to God’s Kingdom, you will see all around you people who need to have the same Awakening you had. This is a worthy cause and burden to take on, but don’t cast the whole burden on just yourself.

Some people get caught up in the “savior syndrome” where they feel fully responsible for the salvation of other people. That’s a heavy weight and it’s not ours to carry. Our job is simply to point people in the direction to the one who saves, Jesus. Let this set you free. You don’t have to bring people through the whole salvation process, just do your part at this moment in time. Invite them to church, tell them your story, pray for them, and God will use it.

3. You’re not working alone.

It’s also important to remember that you are not alone when you’re talking to people about God—you are in partnership with Him.

He is the one who sends people your way. He’s after the lost and He’s working on their hearts. Know that He loves the person you are speaking with and that He sent them your way for a reason. Trust that God will provide the right words for you to speak to them. More importantly, know that He’ll be present in the moment.