Reactions to the Cross: The Mocking Rebel

We live in a very reactionary society. For every opinion, there’s an argument; every post, a reply; every poll, a counter-poll. Our reactions are instantaneous, over the top, and as temporary as the next swipe. Yet all our actions and reactions will account for nothing, except for one: our reaction to the cross.

We find Jesus on the cross, suspended between two criminals. Some translations call them thieves, bandits, or rebels. They find themselves at the intersection of all of history, placed next to the greatest revolution mankind has ever witnessed. Their reactions will sum up the next 2,000+ years of reactions to this event. They represent us. We are the criminals, the lawbreakers, the ones caught in sin about to be judged by God, yet at that very moment, a man appears. Beaten and bloody, carrying His own cross. What will your reaction be? 

This is a proposition to you: Your reaction to the cross determines your eternity.

The first rebel rejects Jesus. Scoffing and cynical, he mocks Him saying, “Are you not the Christ? Weren’t you supposed to be the one to save everyone?” He joins the mockers who are also his tormentors, his killers.

Who your eternity will be determined by?

Will it be the crowd around you? Your co-worker, your family, or maybe the friends who’s opinions you still value so highly? Is their approval worth your eternity?