Fasting creates an opportunity to be consumed in the things of Jesus rather than the things of this world. Instead of giving time to our daily distractions – food, social media, or TV – we immerse ourselves in worship, prayer, and Bible study. Below are a few types of fasts to help you decide which is right for you.

The Daniel Fast

The contemporary Daniel Fast mirrors what’s mentioned in Scripture (Daniel 10:2-3). In the Daniel Fast, we put aside our desire for food and drink and turn our attention towards Christ. The Daniel Fast recommends only eating:

  • Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and legumes
  • Whole grains, nuts, and seeds

For more detailed instructions, check out:

Partial or Selective Fast

A Partial Fast involves a period of fasting or not eating food for specific times in the day. For example, you can skip breakfast each day or decide to not eat solid food from sunrise to sunset (6am – 4pm).  A Selective Fast involves removing elements of your diet like sugar, caffeine, fast-food, sweets and meats from your diet.

Soul Fast

This fast can be a great alternative to fasting food if you’re not able to do so due to your health or dietary needs. The Soul Fast is a good way to refocus certain areas of your life that are out of balance. Whatever fast you choose, do it as a sign of surrender to God for this next year of your life. As you stay disciplined and focused on Jesus throughout these next 21 days, we know He will move mightily in your life.

Join us  [starting January 9th – 30th] to pray and worship together during these 21 days of fasting. During the second week of the fast [January 17th-21st] we’ll be meeting for 6am prayer.