New Life Crew Stories

We’re excited to announce that the next semester of New Life Crews has officially launched!  Crews gather once a week for a time of friendship, faith, and fun. In Crews, genuine friendships are made and you’ll find people to do life with. We now have over 52 crews across 3 states, so there is a crew that’s perfect for you.  God doesn’t want you to do life alone, that’s why He brings us into the family of the church.  

Below are some stories about what is happening in our New Life Crews:

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“Words cannot describe the joy in my heart. I felt good going to church on Sundays, but when I got the text inviting me to join a crew, my life changed for the better. In crew, I felt a fire for God like never before, and feel God’s love on an even deeper level.”

– Junior –

“Both of my sisters recently joined crew without me asking them. We grew up in church and very involved but when we grew up, church and ministry were on the back-burner. When I came to New Life, Pastor Nancy urged me to get involved and it stretched me but  I knew God was calling me to build his kingdom. Now, my younger sister has returned back to church and ministry and got connected with a crew. My other sister recently had a meltdown trying to balance life without ministry and decided to come to Crew. She shared that God has been calling her back to church and ministry and is reminding her that leaving it on the backburner has only burned her. My prayers as a big sister have been answered. I thank God daily.”

– Jen –

“We laughed, we cried, but most importantly we prayed.”

– Ashley –

“A mom who attended the single mom’s crew found the strength to walk away from an abusive relationship. She is now baptized, a member of New Life, and serving in ministry.”

– Cristina –

“Crews were introduced at New Life when I needed it most. I knew that I had to step out of my comfort zone and get more connected and involved within the church. I knew that I needed to make new friends. Friends that were on the same journey as me. Our crew has given me the chance to do just that. It has allowed me to connect with women my age on a deeper level.”

– Courtney –

“I’m a single dad of 6 who works 40+ hours a week but I have never missed a night of crew. Being in a crew has helped me in so many ways, I have grown in my understanding of the Bible, the guys have shared testimonies and prayed for one another. I never felt that I could open up or express what i felt inside until i surrounded myself with positive people. I never thought, with the way that I was living my life, that I would be  surrounded with men that have helped and encouraged me in my walk with god. Today, I am new in christ and understand the importance of doing life with other believers.”

– Brian –


If you’re interested in joining or starting a New Life Crew, get started right here.