How To: Share Your Story

Set Your Story Free

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell our story. You might not know where to start, what to say, or how to frame it. The good thing about your story is that it’s your story. There’s no wrong way to share it. Writing it down can be simple, and we want to give you 3 tips on how to share it:

1. Say “I once was…”
We all have our prodigal story, where we were stuck and without God. This is where people who need to hear your story are.

2.  Say “But God…”
Where did he find you? How did he come after you? Was it at a service, was your aunt praying for you for many years.

3. Speak to the Right Now.
Where are you now? Maybe you’re not perfect, but you’re being perfected. Now you’re moving into a brand new life.

Here’s an example using the song “Amazing Grace”
“I once was lost.” How were you lost? Where were you”
“But now I’m found.” How did He find you?
“Was blind, but now I see.” Is your outlook different? Do you look different? Has your perspective been shifted?

Here’s the challenge: Write your story down, and set it free. Out into the wild where it will set others free, that they may find their own story.