Called to Conference

If we’re called to New Life, we’re called to Awakening Conference. This conference has grown out of Awakening Youth but now, in our 10th year, we are growing into New Life. It’s no longer merely a youth conference, but a conference for the local church.

Our goal has always been to create a vibrant atmosphere where people can encounter the reality of Jesus Christ, and experience life-change.

We want to see entire churches awakened. We want to see God in a fresh way through creativity and worship. We want to train leaders and equip them to awaken those around them.

The voices coming to speak into this movement are some of the foremost authors, thinkers church planters, and speakers of this generation, and the artists are pioneers of music and talent for the glory of God.

This isn’t a concert that rolls into town unpacks and then moves on.  Nor is it a small church event for the chosen few, but instead a movement of church builders and passionate voices with the mission of revival, nothing less.

Even more than attending, I’m asking you to join the Awakening to take time out of your life to be spiritually refreshed and refresh others.

I’m hoping you volunteer to serve the many churches and attendees coming from around the nation, and be intentional to invite someone to the Awakening night sessions to meet Jesus and join His church.

This conference is a gift from God to us and I pray we don’t squander it, but instead be faithful stewards that it deserves.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared to go into Awakening Conference.

  1. Are you registered?
  2. Have you signed up to serve?
  3. Who have you invited?

Believing with you for this region,

Jordan Boyce