A Place For You

We’re heading into the holidays, a time where our hearts turn towards home. This is a season where people start to play Christmas music too early, share a Thanksgiving meal together, and gather to put up a tree. This is a time to come home.

For some, this can be a time of despair; one where you feel the most isolated, where you feel you have no place. Wherever you fall on the spectrum these days, there’s good news! 2000 years ago Jesus made you a promise: “I am going to prepare a place for you…”

The Creator God knows our yearning for a home, a place where we fit, and He lets us in on what He is doing in eternity while we are here on earth – He’s making a room ready for you. This isn’t a God that wants you at an arms length, or leaves you feeling left out of the family gatherings. He’s a God that crossed the universe so that you might feel at home in Him.

Our church wants to reflect that. We want to be a church that feels like coming home. We believe Jesus has a place for you and we do too. This season, join us at Church at the Dunk. It’s church like you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll find that there’s a place for you.

November 26th, 10:30am
December 24th, 10:30am