5 Things to Create an Atmosphere for Salvation

1. Bring Your Expectation
We serve a big God who will give us the desires of our heart. The level of our expectation will be the level of our results. Therefore, we expect BIG, Hope BIG, Believe BIG, and Invite BIG…

2. Step Up & Step Out
Salvation begins with an invitation. Thought you can’t save anyone, you can invite someone. Step out in boldness, and see what God will do.

3. Respond
Respond like it’s real- because it is! Church is not an obligation, it’s a celebration. When we go into the Dunk, we show others how we do church. We sing, shout, and have fun! It’s all amen and smiles from the A-Team.

4. Pray, Pray, Pray
Prayer prepares the way- and is the foundation behind everything we do as believers. Someone once said “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; it is the greater work.”

5. Bring Your Best
Easter, for a lot of people, will be the first day they meet their eternal savior. We never want to take this for granted- in fact we’re so excited! Bring your best on Sunday– in whatever area you are part of. Come rested, prayed up, and ready for an amazing Easter at the Dunk!