4 Keys To An Abundant Life

Your life is God’s most valuable gift God to you. When we choose to believe in God, we are projected into an upward journey of eternal life. Throughout the journey, God gives us the keys to wisdom to live a more abundant life and as we implement these keys, our lives change for the better.

“Give & It Will Be Given”
God empowers us to be a source for others. The world may not operate by this principle but Got teaches us that when we give to others, we actually reap the reward.

“Do Unto Others”
God created us to be a channel of blessing for others. When we get around other people, they are blessed because God lives inside of us. This is a key to abundant life: we are blessed with the ability to do good, not evil to others.

“Be Quick to Listen”
The Bible encourages us to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. This is a conscious decision on our part, a kernel of truth from scripture that can help us avoid many difficult situations. Being slow to anger is sometimes harder than it looks, but with the Holy Spirit, we are empowered to choose patience.

“Guard Your Heart”
Our hearts were designed to be a wellspring of life and God calls us to pay careful attention to guard it. We all need to question ourselves when we feel certain emotions, such as, ‘Why am I aggravated?‘, or ‘Why am I worried?’.  God will teach us how to guard our hearts from these toxic feelings.

God’s Word is full of truths and keys to wisdom to help us live our best life for Him. Only God knows what you’re going through. Ask him to guide you through all of life’s situations, using the keys of wisdom.