30th Anniversary Recap

Celebrating New Life’s 30th Anniversary

On August 3-5, 2018, New Life celebrated 30 years of serving God and all that He has done in the church and through its people. It was a historic weekend for the church.


On Friday night, Pastor Jude Fouquier, a father to New Life and mentor to Pastor Jordan, reminded us that we pray and we are called to build the House of God and that our prayers bring miracles.

Later that night, The Global Prayer Center opened, where people from around the world can join in to pray over needs from around the globe. Maps of Rhode Island, New England, the United States, Israel and the World adorn the walls of the Global Prayer Center.

Along with the Global Prayer Center grand opening, New Life launched the Global Prayer app with the mission to teach the world how to pray.


Pastor Jordan Boyce delivered a message on Saturday Night, themed, The Awakening, that God will bring us into a global movement.

Smithfield will become the Awakening Global Broadcast Center where it will broadcast live, build a content network and reach a global audience.

The fulfillment of prayers from Pastors Steve and Nancy 30 years ago, Pastor Jordan and Samantha announced the launch of the Awakening Church in Providence slated for September 2018.

The unveiling of the Awakening Truck that will deliver the gear to Providence church location each week.


Pastor Mike Servello, another father to New Life,  encouraged the church to be fully surrendered to what God wants to do for the next 30 years at our 9:30am service.

Micah Graham Boyce was dedicated as the first Awakening baby.

Water baptisms were held outside as people of all ages made the decision to bring their faith public.

The address for the Smithfield campus has now been legally reclaimed to 1 New England Way, prophetic for the way New England embodies the winning spirit.

Each campus will now be known as Communities with Pastor Steve, the General, becoming their oversight, helping to spiritually direct each community pastor.

Pastor Steve Boyce capped off the weekend sermons as he returned to the platform to preach for the first time since breaking his neck on June 14th. Always encouraging the church to move beyond small thinking and building the Kingdom of God as the only thing that matters in this life.

After years of building a vibrant youth ministry that yielded the Awakening Conference, Awakening Leadership Center, Church at the Dunk events and a new generation of church leaders, Pastors Steve and Nancy commissioned Pastor Jordan and Samantha to lead the church into its future for the next 30 years. Thank you, Jesus!