Prayer and Fasting 2017

What is fasting? (1/3)

As a new year starts, so do our human tendencies of trying to give up some things and start doing others by our resolve and sheer will. At New Life, the new year instead provides the opportunity to come together and make a renewed dedication to God through prayer and fasting.

It’s a powerful time in our spiritual walks as we choose to make prayer and hearing from God the most important thing. Join us each week night for 10 days, beginning on January 2nd at 7pm at the Smithfield or Fall River campus as we begin our fast, come together for prayer and dedicate 2017 to Him.

Fasting is the practice of temporarily abstaining from something you value, and purposely filling that void with a greater focus on God and prayer, in order to seek the Lord for direction and guidance.

When fasting from food, a common biblically inspired fast is known as The Daniel Fast. The first chapter of the book of Daniel details an account of Daniel and three of his friends not wanting to defile themselves by partaking in the King’s food and wine. Instead, they limited their diet to only vegetables and water.

Daniel and friends believed that God would honor their obedience and sacrifice, and He did – they were healthier and better nourished than those who hadn’t fasted; God gave them supernatural knowledge and understanding; and the King realized that no one in the land could even compare to them.

We can come expecting God to do the same for us as we fast with an attitude of humility and sincerity, acknowledging Him as our source.