Better Together: Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is ordained of God to reflect the Union of Jesus Christ and His Bride; the Body of Christ; the Church. His love and sacrifice on the Cross provided forgiveness for the sinful condition of humanity, and specifically those who receive Him as Savior and Lord. The collective Body of Christ is referred to as the Bride (in the Bible), and those who love and receive His death, also receive eternal life. Jesus gave us the ‘Helper’ Holy Spirit to navigate this beautiful intended relationship between a man and a woman to live in reflection of His glory as long as we live on the Earth.

Here are some helpful marriage and relationship values derived from a Biblical worldview, that if applied, can ultimately afford you a blessed marriage – with Christ as the anchor in it all.

The 5 Relationship Keys

  1. Forgiveness | Unforgiveness builds a tower of pride. It’s harder to come down from it when you keep adding to it. Forgiveness keeps your feet on level ground. Don’t defend your ‘rights’ to be right and to prove your spouse ‘wrong’. Love…keeps no record of wrongs. Forgive immediately and completely.

  2. Commitment | Resilience is the ability to recover from unfortunate times. Every married couple encounters them. It’s life. Whether it’s a disagreement, or a disappointment…Don’t ‘go’…instead, ‘grow’. You each play a part in bouncing back.

  3. Serving | If your relationship is all about what you’re getting out of it, your thinking is wrong. Serve your spouse. (a.k.a.: give, provide, wait on). Love is selfless.

  4. Church | Being a part of a local church community is a part of having a Godly marriage. You’ll find that most of the difficulties you have other’s have had as well and it will be a source of strength for your marriage.

  5. Understanding | Sometimes you may not understand each other but ‘trying to understand’ is essential. Just trying is a component of your love for one another. It’s an expression of grace to know that even if you don’t understand, you choose to love and listen through it.