Things Have a Way of Working Out

There’s nothing in the world more practical than faith. People tend to think that having faith means moving impossible mountains or taking giant leaps into the unknown. We serve a God who can do the impossible, but even greater faith is the everyday faith. It’s simply trusting God and having an unshakeable confidence that He is still on the throne despite life’s circumstances. With God, things have a way of working out and this should be the foundation of our everyday thought process.

The enemy wants us to take on a worldly mindset which believes that things have a way of going from bad to worse. When we’re facing hardship in our day to day lives, it’s important for us to remember that God is present and working things out. We may not see a way out in the natural, but our Christianity needs to be solid on the fact that God is our Master and He has it all under control. He has the power and authority to shift things in our favor. By knowing the God we serve, it makes it easier to trust Him to get us through whatever difficult circumstances we’re dealing with.

When things don’t go as planned in our lives, it’s easy to let our emotions take over. We quickly turn to fear or panic forgetting that God has complete authority over our situation. Fear paralyzes our faith and keeps us from living in His peace and freedom, but as we put our trust in God, fear loses its power.

Storms in our lives will often come without warning. In the book of Matthew, Jesus was sleeping in a boat with His disciples when without warning, a storm hit and the waves swept over their boat. The disciples cried out that they were going to drown rather than remembering that Jesus was going through the storm with them. Jesus is capable of calming the storm which is exactly what He did that day. The natural response to storms is fear and doubt, but Jesus tells us our response should always be trust.

No matter what you’re going through, dealing with or facing right now, know that God is in the fight with you and He’s more than able to turn an unfavorable situation around for your good. Rest in the Lord and place your confidence in Him. Trust that He is working things out on your behalf.