Remember Your Anchor

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” -Hebrews 6:19

What does the word “hope” mean to you? In our culture, we often hear people say, “I hope so,” which usually carries the idea of wishful thinking. The hope of believers, however, is more than just wishful thinking or optimism. It’s an unshakeable confidence in God, despite our circumstances. It’s believing that we have an anchor for our souls that is firm and secure.

I love the picture of hope as the anchor for our souls. The purpose of an anchor is to secure a boat firmly and safely to the bottom of the sea. Whatever the conditions are at sea, the anchor keeps the boat from drifting off; it keeps the boat safe and at rest. Just as an anchor holds a boat securely, our hope in Christ guarantees our safety.

Does this mean that we can escape the troubles of this world? No – but it does mean that when we’re faced with overwhelming circumstances, as long as we’re anchored in God and His word, we can find a place of stability in the worst of situations. Hope is an anchor that steadies our souls in the midst of life’s storms.

It’s important to remember that our hope shouldn’t be placed in ourselves or in hope itself, but in Jesus Christ and all that is promised in Him. This hope isn’t just a wish or a desire for things to turn out okay; it’s an expectancy and expression of confidence that God will bring us out on the other side of our pain and struggles. It allows us to look at our circumstances with the understanding that God is faithful and He will see us through.

Hope is the oxygen for the human soul.

There are many things you can go without in life, but without hope, life seems dark and empty. Things may not always be how they should be but God’s word promises us that one day they will be. Everything changes when we place our hope in God. The pressure is taken off of us and the weight of our unknown futures rests in the hands of the One who’s already in the future waiting for us. True hope, hope that is steady, firm and anchored in Christ, will never disappoint us.