God has called us to be part of a powerful movement that is taking place around us. This movement is about a group of people coming together to do the will of God, each playing their own unique role. A movement occurs when the desire for more begins to stir up in God’s people. That’s when God begins to move and it’s up to us to respond and join the movement when he calls us.

There are preparations that need to be made in order for a movement to take place. We can’t plan out exactly how it will happen but we can prepare for it.  We do this by coming together with other Christians and praying diligently for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and then stepping into whatever role God places us in. It’s important that we don’t compare ourselves to others in this process, causing us to shift our focus from the race that God has set before us to chasing after the calling that he has placed on someone else’s life.

The process begins when we make the decision to be all in for the things of God. Jesus has to be the center of the movement. God is so good that despite our mess, he still loves and accepts us just as we are.  And not only that, but he chooses us to participate in what he’s doing. It’s not about position or status, it’s about imperfect people coming together to fulfill God’s perfect plan.