It Starts With A Dream

In every generation, there are people that God calls to start a movement. These people carry in their hearts the vision and dream that God has placed in them to further advance His Kingdom here on earth. 30 years ago, God deposited His vision to shift the landscape of this region in our Senior Pastor, Steve Boyce. He, along with his wife and 2 other families, started New Life Worship Center.  Since then, New Life has grown into 4 campuses, holds a total of 8 services every Sunday, and has a TV program with over 8,000 viewers. Hundreds of people serve in all 4 campuses every week and countless lives have been transformed.

It starts with a dream – a God dream.

New Life New Bedford started 3 years ago as an extension of that dream. 78 people showed up to our first service on January 19, 2014, and has since grown into a church that averages over 800 people every Sunday. Among those 800 people, over 100 of them have been baptized, marriages have been restored, addicts have been set free and people have found their purpose and identity in Jesus Christ. Over the last 3 years, we’ve held our services in several different locations throughout the city. Now it’s time to take this dream a step further by putting down roots and establishing a permanent home for our church.

As we embark on this exciting venture of faith, it’s going to take all of us playing our part and sowing into the vision. Let’s challenge ourselves by committing to bring a sacrificial gift into the House of God that will require so much faith that we have no hope of doing it apart from God’s help. There’s got to be a level of sacrifice that comes with our giving. Every person that contributes to the vision becomes part of the story that God is writing for our city and this region.

While our financial contributions will be used for the construction of our church building, it’s what happens inside that building that really matters. As we prayerfully seek what our contribution should be to this vision, let’s consider the following questions:

How much more can God do in a permanent place?

What are the possibilities moving forward?

How many more lives can be impacted for eternity when we have a place to call home?

There are so many exciting things happening in our church community, and we each have a unique opportunity to play a part in what God is doing. Jesus Christ is indeed building His Church. May the vision that’s on our leadership to change the landscape of a region become the vision of the entire church. It’s going to require faith, commitment and sacrifice but God is more than faithful to take what we give Him and turn it into something extraordinary. And through our faith, God’s House will be established in the city, and the Kingdom of God will continue to advance bringing life, healing and transformation into the hearts of many.