How to Fast

Part 3/3

In our previous two blogs on fasting we talked about what fasting is and why we fast. If you haven’t read them, make sure to do so.

While most of us attribute fasting to simply be about giving up food, there are far greater benefits to a fast than controlling our wills to abstain from favorite foods for a set period of time.

When we choose to sacrifice what we would prefer to eat and put our desire for food behind our desire to seek God through prayer, God honors it. This reordering of our priorities draws us closer to God and Him closer to us. We become more attuned to His voice and His direction. This is the amazing benefit of a fast and why it is necessary for Christians to do!

As noted, a popular option for fasting is the Daniel Fast, which, pertains to eating mostly fruits and veggies. See more at Regardless of the type of Fast, the following are some suggestions for maximizing a fasting experience.

1. Focus more on your Source than on what you’re ‘giving up’.

– While hunger pangs (for food, or anything else from which you might fast) are normal, they should never be allowed to usurp the focus. Allow them to serve as a reminder of just how much you really need the Lord in every area of life.

2. Limit distractions.

– If fasting in order to hear from God, it’s a good idea to take inventory of other things in your life that may be distracting from that same goal. Some music, TV/film and even possibly relationships could be working against the goal and vying for your attention – seek God about what might be best to hold off from until after the fast. You might be surprised by what the Holy Spirit recommends.

3. Listen

– Just as sometimes we forget to listen for the Holy Spirit during prayer, we can also forget to listen during fasting. God is almost always speaking, but it’s usually our distractions that keep us from hearing. Now that you’re focused and positioned to hear, stay attentive. Part of the Holy Spirit’s job is to tell us things we don’t know; now’s the time to listen.

Enjoy the time. God’s faithful – eagerly expect for the Holy Spirit to reveal new things, and bring greater understanding in a variety of areas. Join us each week night from January 2 – January 13 at 7pm at either the Smithfield or Fall River campuses for a time of prayer.

Why Fast?

Part 2/3

Believers fast to re-attune our ears to God’s voice and re-align ourselves with His priorities. In the Old Testament, we read about people fasting after a death (2 Samuel 1:12), out of concern for someone (Daniel 6: 18-24) and on behalf of a nation in peril (Esther 4:13-16).

In the New Testament, we see Jesus fasting before the start of His ministry (Matthew 4: 1-11), John the Baptist’s disciples fasting (Matthew 9:14,15), and Paul fasting after his life changing experience on the Damascus Road (Acts 9:9).

The discipline of fasting provides the opportunity to saturate ourselves in increased periods of prayer, praise and Bible study, which frees us up and makes us more available for an encounter with the Lord. Contemporary Daniel Fasts mirror what’s mentioned in Scripture, and recommend only eating:

  • Fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Whole grains, nuts and seeds
  • Herbs and spices

For more information, check out

Join us in this time of fasting at New Life from January 2 – January 13th. We will also come together each week night during these two weeks at 7pm at either the Smithfield or Fall River campuses for His direction for us individually and corporately as a church.

Prayer and Fasting 2017

What is fasting? (1/3)

As a new year starts, so do our human tendencies of trying to give up some things and start doing others by our resolve and sheer will. At New Life, the new year instead provides the opportunity to come together and make a renewed dedication to God through prayer and fasting.

It’s a powerful time in our spiritual walks as we choose to make prayer and hearing from God the most important thing. Join us each week night for 10 days, beginning on January 2nd at 7pm at the Smithfield or Fall River campus as we begin our fast, come together for prayer and dedicate 2017 to Him.

Fasting is the practice of temporarily abstaining from something you value, and purposely filling that void with a greater focus on God and prayer, in order to seek the Lord for direction and guidance.

When fasting from food, a common biblically inspired fast is known as The Daniel Fast. The first chapter of the book of Daniel details an account of Daniel and three of his friends not wanting to defile themselves by partaking in the King’s food and wine. Instead, they limited their diet to only vegetables and water.

Daniel and friends believed that God would honor their obedience and sacrifice, and He did – they were healthier and better nourished than those who hadn’t fasted; God gave them supernatural knowledge and understanding; and the King realized that no one in the land could even compare to them.

We can come expecting God to do the same for us as we fast with an attitude of humility and sincerity, acknowledging Him as our source.

Better Together: Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is ordained of God to reflect the Union of Jesus Christ and His Bride; the Body of Christ; the Church. His love and sacrifice on the Cross provided forgiveness for the sinful condition of humanity, and specifically those who receive Him as Savior and Lord. The collective Body of Christ is referred to as the Bride (in the Bible), and those who love and receive His death, also receive eternal life. Jesus gave us the ‘Helper’ Holy Spirit to navigate this beautiful intended relationship between a man and a woman to live in reflection of His glory as long as we live on the Earth.

Here are some helpful marriage and relationship values derived from a Biblical worldview, that if applied, can ultimately afford you a blessed marriage – with Christ as the anchor in it all.

The 5 Relationship Keys

  1. Forgiveness | Unforgiveness builds a tower of pride. It’s harder to come down from it when you keep adding to it. Forgiveness keeps your feet on level ground. Don’t defend your ‘rights’ to be right and to prove your spouse ‘wrong’. Love…keeps no record of wrongs. Forgive immediately and completely.

  2. Commitment | Resilience is the ability to recover from unfortunate times. Every married couple encounters them. It’s life. Whether it’s a disagreement, or a disappointment…Don’t ‘go’…instead, ‘grow’. You each play a part in bouncing back.

  3. Serving | If your relationship is all about what you’re getting out of it, your thinking is wrong. Serve your spouse. (a.k.a.: give, provide, wait on). Love is selfless.

  4. Church | Being a part of a local church community is a part of having a Godly marriage. You’ll find that most of the difficulties you have other’s have had as well and it will be a source of strength for your marriage.

  5. Understanding | Sometimes you may not understand each other but ‘trying to understand’ is essential. Just trying is a component of your love for one another. It’s an expression of grace to know that even if you don’t understand, you choose to love and listen through it.